How to choose water beads

Knowing how makes it simple

Customers are welcome to use our Water Bead Buyers Guide to help make their shopping experience even better. While there are a number of sources from which you can purchase water beads, it is important to realize the difference between stores and their products. Here are some helpful hints to consider when shopping for beads.


The quality of the material can best be judged by the product’s firmness, as softer beads will crumble easier and shrink faster. Also, hydrated beads should be consistent in size and shape and give the appearance of glass marbles.

Color & Appearance

Water beads are more colorful and elegant when they sparkle. Beads that are translucent, allowing light to shine through them, produce this effect. Aside from solid colors like white and black, look for ones that shimmer for a dazzling appearance.


Know what you’re paying for. What is the weight of the packet? Is there an additional cost to ship your order? Are you getting the best price? For comparison, take your order’s total cost and divide it by the weight of the beads purchased (in grams, ounces or pounds) to calculate the unit cost. There’s also more to value than just the price paid. Consider the level of service received, the quality of the order’s packaging and the time it takes to receive your purchase.


If you’re a retailer, look for added value when buying water beads at wholesale. Does the distributor offer any support or advice to help drive sales? Are there high minimum purchase requirements? Do your phone calls or e-mails get returned promptly? An ideal distributor will be a business partner with a vested interest in your success.

Customer Service

When you inquire about a web site’s offerings, are you getting helpful information and courteous service, or a sales pitch? How comfortable do you feel if the web site lists no location or phone number for its business? Also, feel free to ask for references when inquiring about wholesale purchasing.

The Difference

We source our water beads only from quality manufacturers. Additionally, quality standards testing is done once our inventory arrives to ensure that Rainbow Water Beads' products will meet or exceed our customers' expectations. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with the quality, value, delivery and support of our product. Every sale is backed by our 14-day unconditional guarantee.

With the help of this water bead guide we hope you will experience the difference when shopping with us! 


Herbs that grow in Water Beads

Want to grow organic herbs  & flowers right at home using water beads (hydrated beads? Check out this great video. Fill the jar with grown water beads (any color). Fill with water and plant. Although the video does not use water beads, we show it so you follow those steps but add the water beads to give it the beautiful decor look while growing your own organic herbs. The color in the water beads doesn't leak. Water bead colors were embedded into the water beads at the time of manufacture!